Jersey 2.0

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    Be a part of the solution.

    Great things happen when we work together, and inspire one another to do good. We can strengthen communities, one issue at a time.

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    Tech community: bring your skills.

    It wouldn’t be a tech competition without you! You’ll have the opportunity to work with a NJ town to collaboratively build a sustainable solution to a challenging local problem. Make a real impact on real issues. Registration deadline to participate is March 3rd. Learn more.

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    Local government leaders: bring your insight.

    Government folks are vital to making this a success. You’ve got the first hand knowledge of local sustainability and public engagement issues specific to your community and relevant to towns across the state. Learn more about your role.

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    Green Teams: bring your dual POV.

    You are unique in this process, coming with the government and grassroots points of view. That on-the-ground perspective will help with identifying both problems and solutions.

About CfC 2017

Brought to you by Sustainable Jersey, Coding for Community (CfC) is the first of its kind, state-wide civic tech competition in New Jersey. We’re matching techies up with actual local needs from municipalities across the state so that real solutions for local sustainability and public engagement issues can be developed through data and other technologies.

Municipalities from across New Jersey have submitted their local issues and related data. View the list here. All towns are participating in the Sustainable Jersey program. Teams have begun developing their solutions. Deadline for participants to register and submit their team proposal is March 3.

Read the competition rules for further details.

You can still participate even if you do not attend the kick off event. We will do our best to match you with a team. Once registered, you will be invited into our Slack channel to connect with other participants.

How It Works

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    Choose a need & apply your coding, design, and programming experience. Deadline to register to participate in the competition is March 3rd.

    Read the competition rules

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    Choose a real sustainability or public engagement related issue from a curated list or work directly with a Sustainable Jersey town to address its need.

    List of submitted local needs & potential projects

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    Tap into municipal data & information.

    Data portal powered by OpenGov here

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    Develop solution over 8 weeks, with check in calls with government tech experts.

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    Win up to $8,000 and professional development prizes, plus a spotlight demo at the 2017 Sustainability Summit at TCNJ on 6/21!

    Prize details



Kick off!

An all day event where the tech and local government communities will join together to share successful case studies and discuss how technology can help tackle real community problems in the morning session. The afternoon will allow participants to form teams around community issues fleshed out by the larger group earlier in the day.  Teams will have the choice of choosing from a curated list of municipal problem statements and related data or working directly with a municipality to address its need.


Municipal Need Submission Deadline

Municipalities have until the 12th to submit their need using the “Submit Your Local Issue” menu tab above.


Team proposals due & Registration cut off

We’re giving teams until this date to develop their proposals and submit them online. Project proposals are due by 11:59 pm. Proposal project form will be shared with teams upon registration. This is also the cut off for teams to enter the competition.

Feb – March

Project development time!

Teams will spend the next 8 weeks developing their project through the end of March. Teams will independently work together with periodic check in calls with Sustainable Jersey coaches.


Team submissions due

Teams will submit their solution for review by judges. Finalist teams will be invited to the Wrap Up Event to demo their solution before the judges and audience. Finalists will be announced on March 29th.


Wrap up!

Finalist teams will demo their solutions to the judges and awards will be announced. The Wrap Up Event will take place from 9am-12:30pm @ The College of New Jersey’s Library Auditorium (2000 Pennington Ave, Ewing NJ). RSVP to Get the event details. Learn more about the prizes.

Competition Sponsor

We would like to thank our Competition Sponsor for providing support for the winning team.